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How TMK Found Its Path

This is the story of how we went from migrating from kitchen to kitchen to feeding the city as The Migrant Kitchen. What started as catering office lunches and private events around New York City quickly evolved into something much bigger. 

Humble Beginnings

In October 2019, The Migrant Kitchen was born. A long-dreamt-of catering business that focused on providing meaningful opportunities for immigrants to showcase the cuisines and cultures of their home countries.

As we battled the global pandemic, we expanded from a standard catering operation to serving frontline healthcare workers and opening brick and mortar restaurants. 

We continue to change the way we live and eat. Our operation has quickly grown into something much greater and even more fulfilling.

TMK has served nearly 4 million meals to food insecure communities across NYC in partnership with our non-profit, The Migrant Kitchen Initiative. To learn more about TMKI, please visit us here.

"This is exactly what New York City is all about. The different cultures represented at The Migrant Kitchen is the future of food."

-Chef Walter Staib, A Taste of History

There's No Stopping Here

We realized over the last few years how important our original mission is to the growth of the immigrant community and educating our guests through culturally inspired dining experiences. Every day, we strive to fulfill our purpose by sharing everything we cook with the entire city.

Our locations in the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, and Central Park serve American food inspired, prepared, and served by immigrants. We aim to prove that shawarma and carnitas are just as American as hamburgers and apple pie.